Influence – The “F”

When I think of them, I so often think of the word “faithful.”  That’s exactly how I would describe Bruce & Rita.  We worship together at RiverChurch, where there are others who are faithful just like they are. But this couple, they’ve got it.  I’m not talking about being at church, every time the doors are open, though they are.  I’m not talking about their involvement in practically everything we do as a congregation, though they are always there.  I’m talking about the kind of faithful that makes them influential people.  In our ongoing discussion about being a person of influence, the letter “F” points us to faithfulness as another key that unlocks our potential to truly impact the lives of others.


When our church first opened, we met next door to a Waffle House.  We started building relationships with the waitresses there on a small scale.  Eventually we moved locations, but we still tried to maintain some sort of relationship.  A little over a year ago, we heard that this particular Waffle House had been robbed.  So the next Sunday after church, our entire congregation went to that Waffle House and ate lunch, simply to say, “we’re standing with you guys.”  Something happened that day, Bruce and Rita stepped up and became intentional about building relationship with the staff of this restaurant.  Because of their faithful friendship, they have celebrated the birth of a baby girl with one of the waitresses, they’ve prayed on the spot for waitresses and cooks, they have influenced the lives of a lot of Waffle House workers.  Tonight, they met with a group of the Waffle House team in a sign language class that meets at our church.

So much can be learned by the example of Bruce and Rita.  But they have proven that one simple way to be people influence, is to simply – be there.  That’s what faithfulness is, being there for somebody, in good times, in bad times, and in the mundane times as well.

We met as a church for prayer last night, and as we gathered, we placed individual sheets of paper on the wall, as points of prayer.  One of the papers say, “Waffle House,” and if you’ll look closely, you will see the names of every person that works at this Waffle House, placed there by one – faithful – couple who seeks to influence the lives of these people through prayer, as well as relationship.

Are you a faithful person?  Can people count on you to “be there?”  If you truly want to influence the lives of others for the Kingdom of Heaven, then be there.

I’m praying today that people whom you encounter will be scattered, smothered, and covered with your influence, as you show yourself as a person of faithfulness.

Ready. Set. Go.

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