Influence – The “N”

We have been called to be people of influence.  This, in its basic form, is discipleship.  Yesterday, we discovered that if we are to be influential in the lives of others, then we must become involved in the lives of others.

The letter “N” in the word influence shows us another great way we can make a disciple, or simply impact the life of someone around us for the Kingdom of God:


Guys you know the value or the price in noticing, or not noticing.  She comes home with a new haircut, and you notice, you’re life will be pleasant.  You fail to notice, within a day or two you discover that your house has turned into the Arctic Circle.  Paying attention to things happening around us is critical if we are to be people of influence.

I see hundreds of people everyday walking past our coffee shop.  I always find it so funny to see the person walk in one day, whose walked past us a hundred times already, and say, “I had no idea you were here.”  We can get so caught up in our world of “Me” “Mine” and “I” that we fail to notice what’s going on in the lives of others.  People in your world are telling you more than you are hearing.  But, are you listening, noticing, what they are really saying?  They don’t want to unload all their baggage on your desk, but they sure do wish that you would notice that they don’t seem themselves lately, that something is up in their world.  If you would, you might be blown away to discover that things are going to hell in a handbasket at home, or that the doctors have given them some terrible news, or . . . .

More importantly you might be surprised to discover how you might be able to influence their lives, simply by noticing that they have a need.

I prayed for you today, that God would open your eyes and ears to notice the needs around you.  As you do, I’ve prayed that He would use you to be a person of influence in someone’s life who really could use what you have to give.

Ready. Set. Go.

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