Right Outside My Window

It’s been one of those days.  For me “one of those days” are the days when I feel unproductive, but extremely busy.  I start one task, and a customer walks in and my task is put on hold, then something else pops up that needs attention, then another customer comes in, then the phone rings, or any number of things could happen.
At one point today I thought, “I just want to go back in the back and hide.”  But then in a few short seconds of nothingness, I happened to look out the window of my shop.  Across the street there were people going in and out of the divorce attorney’s office.  Next door to them there were people coming and going out of the Bail & Bonds office.  Then there was the homeless guy waking up on his stone cold bed covered with cardboard and newspaper.  I began to notice the folks walking by my shop, the financial advisors, business professionals, secretaries, and students.
I looked out my window and I remembered why I was here.  To bring a little hope and encouragement to someone else’s life today.  Yes, somedays its flat out exhausting, but those are the days, like today, when I need to look out my window and be reminded why I do what I do.
Need a reminder why you are where you are?  Look around you.  Remember there’s lots of other folks in that great big world, and some of them may need exactly what you have to give. They’re right outside your window.


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