Sidewalk Conversations // 92120

He came back today. I was kind of waiting for him. Wondering if he would show up. He walked up and I said “hello”. He acknowledged me and looked at me sheepishly, his eyes gave away his curiosity, “would they let me come back?”  

s // “Hey man, you remember what happened Friday?”  

a // “Yeah”. 

s // “That’s was a pretty crappy thing you did to me.

a// “I know.”

s// “Bro…you threw a cup of coffee at me…why?”

a// “You got on my nerves.” (He’s honest)

s// “I’m not sure how, I walked outside to make sure you were ok after freaking out in the cafe then storming out and slamming my door open making a big ole scene.”

a// “I know.”

s// “I like you man, really would like to be your friend. We give you a cup of coffee everyday. You don’t have to pay for it. I don’t ask for anything in return. Just hoping for a little bit of the kindness like we show you.”  

He just stared at me. 

s// “You coming for a cup of coffee today?”

a// “If you’ll let me have a cup.”

s// “You can have a cup but I’m looking for better from you.”

a// “It won’t happen again.”

s// “I’m taking you at your word, you think i could get an apology?”

a// “I apologize.”

s// “I forgive you.”

To whom much is given, much is required. Popular opinion would say that I shouldn’t let him come back. But there is one higher opinion who says I should. I’ve screwed up so many times. Needed so many second chances. Needed forgiveness. Rarely has it been withheld from me. How can I not forgive?

Make exceptions. 
Explain away. 
But at the end of the day we really only have one option. 


DISCLAIMER // just want to reiterate. that these stories are not shared to pull sympathy or “attaboys” into the comment boxes. Just want to challenge you to be better. To rise higher. To live a little more like we were created to live. To take time and experience and enjoy your own sidewalk conversations. Thanks for reading.

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