You Do You

I’m not one who finds a great deal of enjoyment in classical arts.  

Opera?  No thank you.

Art Galleries?  Nah, I’m good.

The Symphony?  Okay, maybe.

The Ballet?  Well . . . . I’ll go but, on one condition – Somebody I know and love a whole lot better be dancing.  

That’s the case this weekend.  And if I’m honest, I’m pretty excited about it.

Tomorrow and Sunday afternoon, my two middle daughters, AND MY WIFE are performing in their Spring Recital at the UTC Fine Arts Center.  

After months of hard work, classes three times a week, and impromptu stretch sessions in the living room, three of my most beautiful treasures will take to the stage and do what they do best – dance.

I fell in love watching my wife dance.  So to see her go back to the stage again, makes my heart skip a beat.  But the anticipation of watching her and my girls dance together is a little more than I can handle.  

WARNING:  I will ugly cry – just a little.  I’ll be clapping like a wild man, and although I may not say it out loud, in my head I’ll be shouting, “You Go Girls!!  You Do You!!!!”

The beauty of watching my girls plie, pas de bourree, and tendu, brings me a joy like I can’t describe – its just so beautiful.  (No – I don’t know what those words mean, I’ve just heard them a lot lately at my house.)

There’s something awe inspiring, breathtaking, and just plain beautiful watching someone do what they love to do.  To witness them be in their zone.  Doing what they do best.

I am confident that the feelings I have as a dad, and even as a husband, are feelings that God allows me to feel, so to better understand how He feels about us.   I believe when we are in that place, that sweet spot of doing what He created us to do, that He smiles, even applauds, maybe He even cries a little, not out of sadness but simply because He’s overwhelmed by the beauty of watching you, do you.

What’s your “thing?”  What makes you come alive?  What causes you to feel fulfilled?  I’d love to encourage you to do that, do it with all you’ve got, and enjoy every minute of it.  

And when you do, just know that your Father, is watching you with tears of joy in His eyes, clapping like crazy, and shouting over you, “You Go!!  You Do You!”

PS // I’d love to invite you to come see them.  If you’re up for some beauty and ballet, then you can get your ticket here.  There’s a performance Saturday night and one Sunday afternoon.  I’ll be “that guy” over in the corner!


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