Get On The Bus

I have learned in life that there those who talk about change, and there are those who help create change.  Let’s face it, talking is so much easier than actually doing.  But talking doesn’t get anyone very far.

For several months, I’ve been talking to my buddy Darrell, about a way to help people who really want to come out of homelessness, find an exit ramp.  Darrel’s idea comes watching countless YouTube videos about converting school buses into housing for people living in homelessness.  He’s watched, he’s studied, he’s drawn plans, and he’s biting at the bullet to not just talk about it but do something about it.

Darrel and I met with Pastor Barry Kidwell this morning.  Pastor Barry has worked with the homeless of Chattanooga for decades, and this man is the real deal.  He’s also one who say’s lets talk less, and let’s do more.   Together we want to start by converting a single bus into a living space that can be replicated and used to help others striving to come out of homelessness.

So – here we go.  We’re pulling the trigger.  We need a bus.  That’s the purpose of this post.  We are putting out an All Points Bulletin on an old school / church  bus that is just sitting somewhere taking up space.  If you have one or know of someone who might be willing to donate or sell one, we’re looking.

It’s time to catch the bus, and we believe that when we do, we’re going to see a fresh new change to the scenery of homelessness in our city.

Will you help us?  Email me for more information.

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