Jesus and a Can of Sardines

“You don’t know how good this stuff looks until your hungry!”

That’s what Roy said today as I took him to our little food pantry that I told you about yesterday. I suppose he’s one of the first people to receive anything from the pantry. He looked like a kid at Christmas.

He picked up a pack of Sardines and smiled so big, it didn’t even matter that he had only three front teeth to smile with, he was happy.

It was a holy moment, for me. I realized that Jesus was standing right there with me and Roy! I could almost hear Him say, ” I was hungry and you fed me!”

I tell you this and these other stories, in no way to brag and say “look at us.” No, I share about this and other experiences to simply encourage you to not miss the moment that God may give you TODAY to be a living example of the Gospel. They’re easy to miss. I know I’ve missed a lot in my crazy busy life.

You never know what God may use, to give someone hope, to bring a smile to their face, to let someone see the Gospel being lived out in real time.

It could be something as simple as a can of sardines.


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