Praying in Cirlces

They are one of the first and easiest shapes we learn to draw in school, or even pre-school.  They don’t have to be perfect, just relatively discernable.  They are naturally formed when we stand in a group of people.  If we get lost, we get the most frustrated when we realize that we’ve been driving in them for hours.


This past week I challenged the family at RiverChurch to create a prayer circle where ever they find themselves in our city.  Great thing is they aren’t that complicated to create.  It’s as simple as saying to someone, or a couple of someone’s or several someone’s #willyoupraywithme.

When you have a prayer circle, you simply start circling those things for which you are praying with intercession, declaring promises from Scripture, and praising God for the answers that will come.  The best model of this from Scripture is in Joshua 6 as the people of Israel circle the city of Jericho for 7 days, until the walls of the city fall simply by the hand of God, and the prayers and praises of men.

As a church family we’re praying for revival in our hearts and our city.  We’re praying for God to strengthen our community of faith to better reach our city for Christ.  But we’re also praying for personal needs too.  Like the lady who’s having to move this week out of her apartment and has no place to go – we’re praying for God to miraculously open a door for her and her cat.    Like the young lady who doesn’t even go to our church, but is friends of a family member, she’s fighting a full blown battle with cancer – we’re praying and believing that she will live!  We’re praying for families to be restored, for provision to be made, for healing to come.

So why don’t you find at least one or two others and start a prayer circle.  It can be a weekly meeting at your house, or at lunch on your job, or at a local coffee shop.  I’m utilizing a group messaging app with the staff & volunteers of our coffee shop to pray for our customers and the business over the next 40 days.

Drawing a circle is easy, and so drawing a prayer circle.  Find a friend and ask them #willyoupraywithme.

Let me know where you’ve started your prayer circle.  But also be sure to let me know when you see prayers answered I want to celebrate with you.

For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them. – Jesus (Matthew 18:20)

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