Opportunity is Knocking

It exciting! But its kind of scary.  You see, Opportunity seldom comes to visit without his little brother Risk.  I like Opportunity, he’s optimistic, fun to be around, he’s charismatic, he gets you dreaming about all of the exciting things that could happen.  But his little brother Risk, well he’s the two year old running around the house with scissors, picking up grandma’s heirlooms, climbing on tables, and swinging from chandeliers.  He maybe cute and fun at times, but he’s a holy terror.  I would welcome a visit with Opportunity any day, but I’m not a big fan of his little brother. 

Problem is I can’t really have one without the other. 

Opportunity is knocking right now, and I want to let Him in, but Risk is right there with him.  I can see him through the peephole in my door.  Do I dare? 

Part of me wants to run toward the door and let Opportunity in, and another part wants to lay down on the floor and act like I’m not home.

But I hear my Father gently whisper, “I’ll get it.” 

So I wait to see. . . . will He let Opportunity and Risk come in, or will He politely tell them, “No thank you, and Have a good day?”

Photo/Art Credit: @jcarter2595

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