The Little Things

When she walks into the room, you’ll be hard pressed to miss her.  She’s tall, with thick long blonde hair, and a booming voice that will wake you from the deepest of sleep. Sarah is homeless, but she doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about that.  She’s quick to tell you just how good God is to her, bouncing back and forth the entire time she’s telling you how He’s taken care of her even when she deserved it the least.

She was at worship this past Sunday, and did she help me preach?  I’d make a good point, and she would shout a boisterous “Amen!” She would repeat the last word of my sentences with passion and conviction.  She sang louder than anyone else in the room during worship, and I’m sure to some she might have been somewhat distracting.  She reminds me of the story of the blind man in the Gospels who cries out to Jesus as He passes by him.  “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”  People around him tried to quiet him, but Jesus wasn’t bothered by his crying out for Him, because He knew the man had a need, and He knew He could meet that man’s need.

I don’t know all of her story, but I do know there have been some dark days, some sad days, some days of extreme need and loneliness for Sarah.   I also know that she too has cried out to Jesus, Son of David, and He has shown her mercy, and for that she has purposed to praise Him all the more.

We give gift cards to first time guests at RiverChurch for a free cup of coffee.  She came in one morning this week waving her gift card in the air.

“What can I use this card for?” She asked.

“Anything you want!” I told her.

“Ooooooo, can I have one of them frozen drinks with some coffee, and chocolate and caramel in it?”

“Absolutely!” I answered and proceeded to make her drink.  I handed it to her, and she took a sip.  All of a sudden she let out a big “WoooooWeeeee!  That is SO good!”  Her eyes were squinted tightly closed, and her fractured smile stretched from one side of her face to other.  “If my friends could see me now!” She shouted.  Then she grabbed up her bag, her chocolate and caramel blended coffee in her other hand and she darted out the door, with a “God Bless You Pastor!”

She had more serious needs than a blended coffee, but Sarah left Cadence  thankful that He provides for her even the little things.

Prayer Request:  Sarah has been approved for Section 8 housing, but she wants to find a landlord who is honorable. She’s really afraid of being taken advantage of.  Help us pray she can find the right place, owned by the right people.

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