Her Turn


For nearly 17 years,she has faithfully stood by my side, supporting me in every new adventure that the Lord has called us to.   Wherever we’ve gone Kristia has never been behind me, but always right beside me, with a “Where you go, I’ll go” mentality.  Makenzie, and her siblings for that matter,  have followed her lead.  “Kid’s were moving to Chattanooga and going to live in a two bedroom basement apartment so we can plant a church.”  They replied with wide eyed  anticipation, “WOO HOO! When do we get to go?

A couple of weeks ago, a “pastor’s wife friend” invited Kristi and Makenzie to join a mission trip to Haiti in mid May.  Kristi is no stranger to ministry abroad.  Still, this trip is special because it will be her first opportunity to minister to orphans, which is very dear to her heart.

MakenzieMakenzie has a huge heart for missions, the calling and anointing of God are undeniably on her life. This will be her first trip abroad to taste that to which she has been called.

I really felt like God was saying “Its her turn.” It’s Kristi’s turn to go deeper into the ministry to which God has called her.  Its Makenzie’s turn to step into her calling.

I’m honored to stand beside both of them as they walk through the door God has opened for the two of them.

Would you stand with them as well?  Would you go to this link, pray and see how the Lord would have you stand with them? Prayer?  Financially?  Supplying baby items for the orphanage?

You could also mail a check payable to RiverChurch Chattanooga, PO Box 22054, Chattanooga, TN 37422 and designated it for Mother/Daughter Mission to Haiti.

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