Signs & Wonders in the West Side


18 Here I am with the children the Lord has given me to be signs and wonders in Israel from the Lord of Hosts who dwells on Mount Zion. – Isaiah 8: 18

In a little over a week, we’re launching an initiative in the West Side to reach every teenager with the Gospel and the Love of Jesus Christ.  We already have a handful that we see on a weekly basis on Thursday nights but we want to reach more.  Why?  Because we’re just crazy enough to believe that God can transform an entire community, and He’s going to do that in the West Side.

EightOneEight will be a new initiative that will speak to the identity of teenagers in the West Side and ultimately in our city.  We will call out the greatness that God has placed inside of them, we will show them the love of a father and a mother, we will see lives of teenagers transformed in Chattanooga, that have been previously labeled by names other than what God calls them. They will be signs and wonders in our city.

This Thursday 3/17, at 5:30 we are gathering at 1200 Grove Street, at the Joseph Henry Building.  Here we will pray for the West Side Community, and we will walk through the harvest field of the College Hill courts.  We’ll be inviting teens throughout the community to our EightOneEight kickoff that will be one week from this Thursday night 3/24 at 6pm.  We’ll have food, music, games, and the official start of EightOneEight.

We are inviting anyone who would like to be involved to come partner with us.  We’re looking for Mentors, Discipleship leaders, musicians, athletes, anyone who has a heart for the youth of our city.  Come meet us this Thursday as we walk through the neighborhood, and discuss volunteer opportunities afterward. For more info email me!

We believe God can transform our city.  We believe He can do it in the West Side.  We believe we will see young lives come to follow Christ, passionate about their relationship with Him.  We believe we will see signs and wonders!


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