Michael’s Miracle

JesusChanges_Title-950x534This past Sunday, in corporate prayer we prayed for one of our church family members, Michael.  He has been living in a tense environment with some roommates and its been so bad that He didn’t even want to go home at night.  Michael has recently made a decision to follow Christ more fully in His life, and his living arrangements have truly tested his faith to an extreme.

Today Michael walked into the shop and said, “Pastor Shannon you gotta hear what happened!”  Last night the roommate who had caused Michael such stress walked up to him and said, “Man, I gotta let all this hate go! I’m sorry for all I’ve done!”  Michael told him, “You do gotta let that hate go dawg, cause if you don’t it leaves a door open for the devil to come all up in yo bidness!”

“Pastor,” Michael continued, “I’m sensitive to the supernatural, and I gotta tell ya they was angels that came up in that joint last night, I slept like a baby!”  But the best thing of all that Michael told me today, was how amazed He was at how Jesus has changed His life since he decided to follow Him.  “Jesus changes everything, don’t he?”  He asked me.

Yes He does, Michael.  Yes He does!

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