30 Days of Thankful – um. . .

So I’ve blown it at posting consistently my daily dose of thankfulness over the last few days. Doesn’t mean I’m any less thankful, it just means I need to be consistent in my posting. So foregoing the day # let me just share something for which I am thankful.

I’m thankful for authentic people that have and continue to bless my life. Tonight I found myself at a jump park with three other dads, their wives and kids and as we jumped on trampolines like a bunch of school boys I realized how blessed I am to call these guys and many others like them, “friends.”

I’ve met my fair share of shallow people in my life. The occasional person who thinks more about himself than others. The one who feels like she has to impress everyone with a constant “I,” “me,” “mine.”

But my life has been so blessed by so many more people who are real, and know how to truly befriend others. I would happily endure three self absorbed folks for the treasure of one real true friend. I’ve heard it said that a true friend is hard to find. If you find just one, you’ve found a rare gem. My life has been crowned with many priceless jewels of friends.

For them I am truly thankful.

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