Why Do Good?

I’m moved today by a song by Matthew West called “Do Something.” This song speaks so much to the call of God on my life and His call upon the community of faith I pastor.

A common phrase around RiverChurch is that “We are to go BE the Church.” We live up to that call and for that and so many reasons I’m honored to lead this expression of The Church. Still, it is important for us to understand why we do good. We “do” because God has done good to us. He is good. He has shown us the ultimate good through His Son, Jesus Christ and we, well we are the conduit through which He continues to do good to others.

So in the words of Matthew West “Do Something!” Do Good. But I challenge you today to do something for the simple reason that God has done good to you. Let that same good overflow into the lives of others and never ever take credit for the good that you share. Give that back to God and keep doing something good.

Carry on.

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