My Brown Eyed Girl

IMG_1339A week ago I was a single dad -in a matter of speaking of course.  My wife had an opportunity to get away with a few girls and spend a couple of days catching some “r&r” and I had the weekend, the house, the bed and oh yeah five kids to myself.  I was a little nervous when she pulled off in the estrogenmobile.  I silently prayed “Oh God, let her come home to find us all in one piece.”  When our third child was born, Kristia and I became outnumbered.  We went from man to man to zone defense.  Then we had number four, then we became foster parents.  So now we spend our days outnumbered 2 to 5.  If you’re wondering if we are crazy, I’ll make it easy for you – we are.  Outnumbered doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt those first five minutes after she left.

We survived the weekend, no worse for the wear.  Kristia had a great time away with the girls, I had a great time with my kids, I think we all bonded a little more while she was away.  But perhaps the greatest benefit from her weekend away was a greater appreciation for the woman I call – “my wife” and who the kids call “mom” (every 30 seconds).

As I said earlier we are outnumbered, but we manage to keep the natives fed, clothed, and somewhat content together.  But the greater portion of time and responsibility falls at her feet, to manage the day to day operations of our house.  I’m out and about a lot, meetings, activities, & stuff.  She is the keeper of the gate in our home, and for the weekend she was away, I realized just how valuable she is to our family.   Its no easy job to be mom and wife, whether its to two or nearly twenty two – shoutout to Michelle Duggar (you go girl).

Her absence for the weekend caused me to see the balance she brings to our family dynamic.  My world feels so different when she’s not around.  She’s private.  She’s keeps her feelings and heart insulated from much of the world.  Sometime’s she’s misunderstood.  But she feels deeply, loves passionately, cares sincerely.  She is a true daughter of God.  She loves to study His Word, and to apply it to her life and our home.  In our home she is a voice of reason, strength, comfort.  She thinks of everything, like when its time to reapply sunscreen, or just put it on in the first place, which is more than I can say for myself – sorry kids.  The Greer house, isn’t really the Greer house without her.

So I know the weekend away was great for her.  According to her Instagrams  it was #bofa.   That’s “Breath of Fresh Air” for the clueless like myself.  But it was great for me too.  I needed a couple of days to be reminded how blessed my life really is, how blessed my kids are to have her for a mom, and how thankful I am to call her my wife.

I love you babe, thanks for being you to us.  You will forever be – my “brown eyed girl.”


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