Is It Worth It?


Its Sunday morning.  Most good Christians are getting up and heading to church.  Our church/coffee shop sits empty this morning. I sit here in my favorite chair reflecting over the past week, last nights gathering at Saturday Church, and asking questions like; “God are you pleased?” “Are we doing the right thing?” “Is it worth it?”  

The  past week was a tough one.  Tiring and trying.  I went into Church last night struggling with stress and uncertainty, came home feeling like I could have given more. Second guessing myself, wishing I would have asked that mom with the baby if they were homeless.   Feeling guilty because I forgot about the guy who asked me for help a couple of weeks ago, and I let him slip through the cracks.  The demographic of RiverChurch has changed so drastically over the last four years, sometimes my heart aches at the thoughts of the people who once worshipped with us, and have left.  Some told me why, some just left.  Still I miss them all.  I think about the people we have now, and their desperate circumstances.  I think about our finances.  When the majority of a congregation transitions from people of means, to people who panhandle for a living, the finances can take a hit.  Mornings like this can be tough, especially because I start thinking, and over thinking, looking at circumstances and not the big picture.  

But I got a text last night after Saturday church and this is what it said:

God is really doing amazing things among us.  Tonight I was reminded how powerful God is and how far His Grace reaches.  I talked to a man that raised his hand two weeks ago for prayer.  As of last Sunday he has stopped smoking cigarettes and pot.  He also shared that more than anything he wanted a relationship with his estranged wife.  Since he raised his hand for prayer, they have talked almost everyday.  He is so happy.  He also shared with his wife that he is going to church and that he is quitting smoking, she was amazed considering he had been a practicing wiccan for years.  He said since trying to trust God for the past few weeks he had noticed a change in His life. Please keep praying for D.  He needs a job, he has a lot of anxiety and needs our prayers.  Choosing Jesus instead of witchcraft is no easy thing and he is walking it out but there is a spiritual war raging!!!

And then, I lay my head back in my chair.  I look up to heaven and say “Thanks God, for the reminder. And I know, IT IS WORTH IT!!!

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  1. Amen. Thanks for the encouraging article. I am glad that you are not conforming to the traditional customs of how church “runs” in 21st century America but changing this paradigm to meet the unsaved and lost on their own turf. We never change the message about Christ, the cross, and salvation by grace through faith but our method does need to change and I thank you for having the courage to be the light amidst darkness. God bless

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