The Big -Wheel- Dilemma

big wheelThere really is nothing spiritual about this particular post, except to maybe ask for prayer.  My wife and I set out for some Christmas shopping for the kiddies earlier this week.  As we were parousing through the toy store, we discovered what I supposed to be a great gift for our little guy, Jayden.  It was a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Big Wheel.  I flashed back a few decades and remembered my big wheel, which wasn’t nearly as cool as the one I was looking at there in the toy store, and I was so excited.  “He’s going to love it,” I reassured my wife.

Problem is Jayden isn’t asking for a big wheel for Christmas.  He wants a bicycle.  But he has a bicycle.  Its just at his grandmothers house.  So as I stood there in the store with my wife rationalizing the lack of wisdom in buying him a second bike, when he already had one, I assured her that we could influence him to want a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Big Wheel.

Bigger problem is, he’s not buying it.  I’ve told him how cool they are, how I had a big wheel when I was a kid.  I’ve told him about other big boys who’ve had big wheels.  I’ve tried everything in my power to convince him that a big wheel is a great gift.  But at this point, He’s all but refusing to even look at pictures of a big wheel. So I could be in trouble.

So I suppose we could take the big wheel back, but I was kind of hoping that if you read this post and if you were to happen to run into Jayden between now and Christmas, maybe you could tell him how cool a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Big Wheel would be to have for Christmas this year.  Please and thank you.


Hope we saved the receipt.

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