Now I lay me. . .

. . . Down to sleep.  And tonight I find myself asking lots of questions, wondering about situations, and circumstances beyond my control. So much of life doesn’t make sense.  Relationships with others can be the stage for hurt feelings, and confusing thoughts.  Still, in spite of all of that I rest tonight knowing He holds my world in his hands. 

I can sleep tonight, in a comfortable bed, in a comfortable house, beside my beautiful wife, thankful for all of our blessings. Ive kissed my kids goodnight  and  prayed a prayer of gratitude  that they are mine. The smile on my face is like a koolaid stain from the laughter we have shared tonight, and I don’t ever want it to  wear off. 

I may drift to sleep with more questions than answers, but this much I know to be true. I don’t have to  worry about what tomorrow holds, because I know who holds tomorrow.  

So with these thoughts I bid you, goodnight dear friend. 

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  1. You know as I read this I couldnt help but smile and reminded that we all need to REMEMBER how blessed we are! Thank you!

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