Some Coffee News

bonlifeI spend a lot of time on this blog doing the pastor “thing,” but from time to time I like to do the barista “thing.”  So today I’m pleased to offer you some “pastorista” news.

We’ve recently partnered with a local roaster who is supplying all of our coffees now.  We are hugely excited about working with Jeremy & Erika Moore from BonLife Coffee.  Jeremy and I studied at Lee University together, and were even in the same fraternity, so that automatically makes him a good guy.  But they provide a great product as well.  Their vision for coffee with a cause intersects beautifully with that of Cadence Coffee Company, so we are amped, because we get to work with them, and because we collectively drink a crop of coffee in a day.

Here is the official press release of our partnership.  You’ll also read in the press release that Cadence is partnering with Second Life Chattanooga, to increase awareness in our community to fight human sex trafficking.  I’ll be telling you more about that soon.  So pass the word along, will ya?  This is good stuff.


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