Expresso or Espresso

On behalf of all baristas everywhere, I would like to offer this Public Service Announcement:   Its Espresso.  Not Expresso.  I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal to the average Cup of Joe consumer.  But its kind of a big deal to the serious double shot drinker.

Many people think that the little glass of golden brown coffee is called “expresso” because    it is produced quickly, rapidly, expressed.  But the correct pronunciation of “espresso” refers to the way this heavenly elixir is produced, under extreme pressure.

Its interesting to note that if espresso is pulled too quickly, it will not taste as good as it would if it were pulled in the normal 20 to 30 seconds, and with the correct amount of atmospheric pressure.

Now you may find this little lesson in coffee to be a bit boring, but I find an interesting spiritual parallel, to the quality of a shot of espresso and character producing circumstances that we face in life.

None of us like trials.  If they have to come, we would prefer they come quickly and pass.     But I’ve found, and even now am learning, that the savory aroma of character is often produced under great, and sometimes prolonged times of pressing.

James said in chapter one of his letter, verse 3, “that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow.”  That rarely happens quickly.  That’s not expresso.   That’s espresso.

Are you going through a hard time right now?  Have you prayed and prayed and prayed that God would ease up the pressure on your life?   First let me say, as I sit here and type this, I CAN RELATE TO WHERE YOU ARE, RIGHT NOW!  But I know this, God will not put more on us than we can bear, and when our time of pressing is over we will come through on the other side, producing a sweet smelling aroma that is pleasing first and foremost to God, and then attractive to others.

So hang on.  Endure my friend.  The pressure of life that you feel right now, is producing something amazing in your life.

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  1. Thanks Shannon.
    You know how much this means to me during this time. Your words always come at the right time..always have. Thank God for giving you the words we need to hear and remember at just that moment! Blessings!!!

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