I’m not all that sure why, but Monday’s tend to be the most challenging days of the week for me.  It’s not really because it’s the start of a new week, and I’m dreading getting back into the grind for another week.  I think it’s for different reasons. 

  • I preached a message to my church the day before and I replay EVERYTHING I said and scrutinize every word.  
  • I think about the people with whom I cross paths on a daily or weekly basis. Wishing that for some of them, their faith was stronger, that their commitment to the community of faith was greater, that they wouldn’t have to fight the battles they fight, but do simply as a result of their own choices. 
  • I feel the weight of leading a community of faith, and running a small business, and the overwhelming weight all of my inadequacies in both areas, in a very real way.

I guess I tend to feel deeper on Mondays than other days. Some Mondays I feel greater joy and peace and gratitude, and some Mondays I fight anxiety, disappointment, discouragement, and even maybe some small bouts of depression. 

Today – I think I feel a little bit of all of that.  But today. . .this Monday, I have an opportunity to steal away to a quiet place and rest awhile. 

Once a year my “bae” and I head to the mountains  and meet up with a group of people who do what we do, who face the same hilltops and valleys that we face. We encourage one another, we rest, and we let Jesus be more real more personal than maybe He’s felt in a long time. 

So I’m  looking forward to this Monday.  I need this Monday.  I need the Mountains.  I need a road trip with my wife.  I need to hear “I get it, I feel that way too.”  I need to be with Jesus.

“Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.”   Mark 6:31 NLT

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