My New Group

I have the coolest group of people most unlikely to ever come together in the same room at the same time that I meet with every day.   Now granted we’ve only been meeting for the past three days.  But I truly look forward to being part of this group every day.

On January 1st I started a reading plan through You Version, that will essentially have me reading through the entire Bible in 2018.  Its done one month at a time.  I did this same plan in 2017, but on my own.  This year I invited “whosoever will” to join me and our group has about 30 folks in it.

Everyday we read three or four chapters and at the end of our reading we have a place to share what spoke to us the most in that day’s particular reading.  I have to be honest. That’s kind of my favorite part of the plan;  to see what stands out to others, that might not have stood out to me.

So Day One we read, Luke 1, Luke 2, and Daniel 1.  My insight from that day came from Luke 1:2 (NLT)// “They used the eyewitness reports circulating among us from the early disciples.” The reference note says that the Greek for “from the early disciples” actually reads “from those who from the beginning were servants of the word.” WOW!!!  What an awesome way to be described by someone else as a “servant of the Word.”

I won’t share what others from the group said, if you wanna know you’ll just have to join us.  Click Here to Join.  Whether you do join us or not, I would encourage you to do something similar this year.  Find a group of people and walk through the Bible together this year.  You’ll love it, I promise.

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