Coffee Together: My Son

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Coffee Together conversation, for a day of celebrating my son!  Today, he turns 7 years old and I want to brag on him a little.

I love being a dad of daughters.  I love when they come up to me, hug me, and tell me how much they love me.  I have a weighty responsibility to be their protector, provider, and the first “man” in their lives.

Being the dad of a son is equally as weighty.  I am to teach him how to be a man, by the example I live in front of him.  He must carry on the family name and the integrity that comes with it.  He must grow to be a loving husband, a caring father, and most importantly a faithful follower of Christ.  These things he will learn from me.  I can only hope that I can leave a lasting legacy that he will want to emulate, and that he will never learn from me how NOT to be.

I’m proud of my son.  I love watching him grow, and learn, and discover new talents and ideas.  I love watching him play drums, and baseball.  I love seeing him passionate about those things.  He always has a beat to drop, and as far as baseball, the kid falls asleep at night listening to old Yankees games on YouTube. Most of all I love watching his own personal relationship with Jesus becoming more and more part of his life.  The picture above was taken one Sunday morning, just before our gathering.  I pray that this is the posture He will maintain before the Lord for the rest of his life.

We hung out last night playing baseball together, and when we came home we went through some pictures of his first seven years of life.  If you have the time, I’d love to share them with you in the video below.

I’ve included part of a song from the musical “Hamilton,” the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life, that does such a beautiful job expressing how I feel about this kid.

Jay – I love ya man!  I’m super honored to be called your dad and I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday today!  I can’t wait to see what you become!  Happy Birthday – my son!

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  1. Shannon, this is the best. Thanks so much for sharing. This, reveals the heart of God. Love you guys!

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