Help Pull The Sled.


We have an oft used phrase around RiverChurch – “Go Be The Church.”  Its our reminder that “Church” isn’t some place we go to, rather it is something that we embody in our everyday lives.

A specific family in our city is in desperate need for the Church to Be the Church. This mom, dad, son & daughter are facing a overwhelming number of struggles.  The daughter, and now the mother, are facing significant medical issues, and there is no insurance.  The dad, brother, and mother are literally working 60 to 70 hours a week to try to pay for medical bills, house repairs, car repairs, not to mention regular monthly expenses.  I’ve asked our community of faith to step up to show this family that there are Christians who truly desire to reflect the character of Christ, who really want to “Be The Church!”  Sadly, like so many others they have been “hurt by the Church,” in the past. Wounded by other believers.

The call to “Go Be The Church” isn’t just a calling for the RiverChurch family.  Its a call that is given to every follower of Christ.  I write this post as an invitation of sorts, to other Christ followers to “Be The Church” with us.  This could be a powerful demonstration of God’s unconditional grace, love, and mercy to a family who desperately needs brothers and sisters to step up around them.


Specifically they need help with medical expenses.  Its a painful thing for a dad, to have to tell his daughter, “I’m sorry babe, we can’t afford your treatment this month.”

They need car repairs for their very old vehicles.

They need a new roof on their house.

They need repairs inside their house: water damaged ceilings, leaky faucets, leaky showers, mold removal.

They need to have a massive tree in their backyard significantly trimmed back.  The branches from this tree are like small trees themselves. If they fall they will literally destroy parts of their house.

Would you consider giving to help address some of their many needs?  I know this family personally.  This isn’t a matter of “can” but “won’t” help themselves.  Its a matter of “can” but “can’t do any more on their own.”

I had a dream about the family recently.  They were all four trying to pull this massive sled.  It was piled high with indescribable weight, and they could barely budge the sled. They were surrounded by people passing them on either side, but no one was stopping to help them.  When I woke up I knew that I needed to help them pull the sled

If you would like to give, you can go here.  Designate your tax deductible gift to “Pull The Sled” and we will make sure this family gets every penny designated to them. If you have other ways you can help, email me and we’ll see what happens from there.

Let’s Go Be The Church!


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