Our sweet baby girl has cried and cried tonight. She’s not felt well all day and this evening she reached that place where she was almost unconsolable. We would take turns holding her but she remained so unsettled.  So badly Kristi and I both wanted to soothe her to settle her to take away her yuck and make her feel better. But she would squirm in spite of our best intentions.

As  I held her this evening, and she was crying, trying ever so hard to wrestle herself out of my arms I saw a reflection of myself so many times in my life. Countless times God has sought to embrace me with His grace, to console me with His peace, and to heal my hurts with His healing love. But I’ve resisted. Feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, and insignificance raged inside and all the while what I needed to most I fought the hardest against, being held.

Tonight as I lay my head to rest I’m choosing to rest in the assurance that His arms are strong enough to hold me, and more than I want to be, He wants me to simply rest and be …..held.

Grace and peace to you as you let Him hold you tonight as well.

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