30 Days of Thankfulness – 1 & 2.

I’m THAT GUY who’s always fussing about people jumping right past Thanksgiving to get to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. but sometimes I think we get so bogged down in the craziness of Christmas that we run right past the spirit of thankfulness that Thanksgiving should stir in each of us. So if I’m going to be THAT GUY, who complains about the nonstop Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel, the stores selling Christmas decorations in October, and Christmas parades the first Saturday in November, then I should be THAT GUY who makes a big deal about thankfulness.

Even though I prefer to stay away from the bandwagon type happenings on social media, I do like the idea of 30 days of thankfulness. SO, today I will begin my 30 days. Since this is the second day of November I’ll double up and share two of the many things for which I’m thankful:

1. I’m thankful for Grace. Jesus is the embodiment of Grace, offering me a relationship with God that I could never have without Him. That Grace brings me hope in times of trouble and peace in times of fear. This Grace is truly amazing.

2.I’m thankful for my wife, that she loves me, like Jesus does. Just as I am, with all my uglies and all my good alike. I know a love because of her that is a love of acceptance. It’s unconditional. I let her down and disappoint. I frustrate and even annoy, yet I know by her I am loved. I am thankful for you my Dear.

So let the 30 days of Thankfulness begin. Perhaps, they will make 60 days of the Hallmark channel playing incessantly in my house more bearable.

Care to join me in 30 days of thankfulness?

Ready, Set, Go!

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  1. Love you both! I too am thankful for the Grace that knows no bounds! And I have a loving husband that has truly shown me what my Father’s love is like. He love’s and serve’s me well; i am beyond Blessed!!

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