Never Once.

cropped-borrowers_walking_away_from_mortgag.jpgWe sing a song at RiverChurch that says,

Never once did we ever walk alone,

Never once did you leave us on our own.

You are faithful, God you are faithful

I’ve been singing this song a lot over the last week.

A week ago, I posted here about a dream becoming a reality.   I shared the fact that we had a financial need and within a day, we were promised or given EXACTLY what we needed to sign a lease for a new space in downtown Chattanooga!

You are faithful, God you are faithful

Crazy, huh? What makes this whole thing even better is who God used provide what we needed.  The majority of what we needed came from current RiverChurch family members. There generosity is just one of the reasons I love my church family so much.

God also spoke to the hearts of some people who actually have left RiverChurch, not for any negative reason, but because they felt Him leading them somewhere else.  In spite of moving on, they still believed in the vision God had given RiverChurch and continued to support that vision.

Some people gave who’ve never even been to a RiverChurch gathering, but they had seen or heard from a distance and wanted to be part of the dream.

I was extremely blown away last Thursday, when some of the pastoral staff from City Church Chattanooga walked into Cadence Coffee with a check and said, “We love you, we support you, and we just wanted to show you!”  What?!?  One church giving to another church in the same city?!?  Yep.  It happens and, WOW did that speak volumes to us.

One of the most humbling gifts was the $20 from a single mom that RiverChurch had helped years ago.  She desperately needed a new kitchen floor and cabinets.  We helped her, and our hearts were knit together.  She emailed me and said, “It isn’t much but I just wanted to bless you, like you blessed me.”

I look at this leg of our journey, and the people God has brought along side of us, and even in times of uncertainty, when I’ve been tempted to give up or walk away in doubt and discouragement, I can look back and see that God never, ever, ever stopped walking beside us and providing for us.

Never Once – and I’m blown away.

Thank You to everyone who has supported us prayerfully and financially. While we have met our goal for the lease, we are still hoping to raise the funding to cover setup costs – utility deposits, signage, and furnishings. If you would still like to be part of this amazingly cool thing God is doing with us, come on! Email me at / give online at / mail to PO Box 22054 Chattanooga, TN 37422.

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