The Leap of Faith

LEap of FaithI’ve never been one to shy away from taking a leap of faith.  When I graduated college, I left almost immediately to go live for four years in a country that, at the time, was in the news almost every week with another terrorist attack.  I was young, single, and carefree, so that seemed more like adventure, and less like a leap of faith.

Since then I’ve taken several “leaps of faith.”  But I’ve noticed that the scariest part of the process, is what I call “mid-leap.”  Remember the scene in that Indiana Jones movie, where He steps his foot out over the edge of the cliff, his eyes closed, and he’s leaning forward one foot out, the other on solid ground?  He leans forward for what seems like an eternity, hoping against all hope that his front foot will find solid ground, and finally, there it is, a narrow bridge camouflaged by its surroundings that leads him safely to the other side.

That is exactly where our family is right now.  Our foot’s in the air, we’re mid-leap, eyes closed, praying “OH GOD I HOPE YOU’RE GONNA PUT SOLID GROUND IN FRONT OF US!!”  In less than a week, we hope to be moving downtown into the heart of our city.  We believe God has called us there.  I will say that this leap of faith, is perhaps one of the scariest so far.  Its really just a move across town, but it means new schools for our kids in the middle of the school year, and homeschooling for our oldest.  It means financial obligations that we haven’t budgeted for because the opportunity to move came upon us rather unexpectedly. And as I shared in my previous post, we are waiting for one more miracle to happen so we CAN move forward, and so here we are mid-leap.

As I sit here typing this, I’m literally surrounded by packed boxes, and bare walls.  Our bags are packed and we’re ready to move.  We’ve sold furniture and appliances that we won’t need at the new place. (One of which was our washer & dryer, so don’t judge me if I’m wearing the same shirt for the next week).  The faith in what I believe to be a call from God, has led us to this place.  But now we wait, and its the waiting that now challenges my faith.  “Did I really hear from God?”  “What if I missed Him?”  “What if we’ve packed everything up, believing it was what we were supposed to do, and we were wrong?”  The questions roll over and over in my head, and at times I’m tempted to call it off before we ever know the outcome.

I’m fully expecting for our feet to find solid ground again.  This breathless dangling in mid air won’t last forever.   So thanks for the prayers and kind words of support as we seem to hang suspended between two places.  Rest assured you will be the first to hear our feet thump on the other side, and you’ll probably hear an old fashioned pentecostal, “Whoop Glory” too.  

Someone reminded me of this song yesterday.  It speaks so well to where our family is.  I find encouragement in these words.  May you do the same.  Enjoy:


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  1. Praying for you guys, living vicariously from behind my chicken wire…HA! He is a REDEEMER…you are genuinely following hard after Him, and I believe He honors that, and if mistakes are made…HE REDEEMS…rest in Him and don’t ever lose that passion!
    Love you guys!

  2. Your “now” testimony reminds me of Abram when God told him to gather his family and belongings and go to a place where He would show Him. Abram didn’t question God. He did as he was told and headed for a place he knew not of.

    Follow after the leading of the Lord! He will not lead you astray!!

    Love how you love and search for the heartbeat of God!! You will find it!
    Love my children

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