thursdays with gene

One of the highlights of my week comes every Thursday morning around 9 a.m. carrying a brown paper bag with breakfast inside. While breakfast is a major bonus, the highlight is my weekly visit with my friend Gene. Gene is twice my age, and even more life experience.

We talk about everything. I personally enjoy hearing about his adventures as an airplane pilot years ago. We talk about cars and kids, family and faith. We talk a lot about faith. I love hearing his insights into Scripture. He is a consummate student of the Scriptures, and never once does he ever give the impression that he has it all figured out.

Gene never leaves me on any given Thursday without offering me some sort of encouragement. He often tells me that he worries that I’m doing too much, encouraging me to take time to enjoy my wife and kids, make the most of every minute I have with them.

His words of encouragement today went something like this, “Shannon, God cares more about you personally living a life that honors and glorifies Him, than He is concerned about your church. He will take care of your church, because really it is His church after all.”


Do you have a Gene in your life? A voice of encouragement and wisdom? How have they impacted your life?

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